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NEW Turbine Bike World Record – 234mph

Having arrived at the event Friday to set up and get organised, the weather forecast for Saturday was looking unattractive – dry, but strong cross winds straight across the track with gusts of up to 20mph makes land speed racing very dangerous, especially with fairings, that act like a sail and can blow you straight off the track before you can even react. I did several runs, with top speeds around 220mph, but it felt very dangerous, with the bike crossing the finish line at 19 degree of lean! My support team were excellent, with Miguel checking every part of the bike after every run, ensuring safety was top priority and James checking the data to notice any trends.
Sunday morning was looking much better, the cross winds had changed direction to light to breezy head winds. Not ideal, but far safer. First run was a gentle 223mph, followed by each run, increasing the speed, until 3 runs in we achieved a new Turbine bike world record of 234mph in a head wind of around 10mph. This was done in a mile from a standing start. A new British flying 1/8th mile record was also set at 220mph.
Zef Eisenberg “It was a tiring weekend, with every few mph gained being a combination of checking data, suspension settings, ballast and fuel settings. I always forget how hard setting new records is, until the race event. My race team Miguel and James were amazing and I could not have done it without them. The record is a win for all three of us, who have put years of effort and hard work into getting the MADMAX Turbine bike to the crazy top speeds safely.”
MADMAX Turbine bike information:
470-480hp continuous horsepower with water/meth boost allowing 563hp
Powered by a Rolls Royce C20W shaft turbine from the Augusta 109a helicopter.
Multi fuel: Jet-A, kerosene, Petrol/Diesel combination.
Fully Road legal.
Bespoke Built in the little island of Guernsey.


Pendine Sands – Top speed event – May 2016

Pendine Sand British Records -May 16

The MADMAX race team had a superb day racing at the iconic Pendine Sands in Wales with our ZX14 (Sunday 22nd May). The rain cleared from Saturday giving us perfect blue sky and sun. The waves did everyone proud, cleaning up the debris from Saturday and creating the most amazing stretch of perfect sand for about 2.5 + miles! This allowed the amazing Straightliners crew to create a 1 mile and 1.5 mile course with ample braking.

Last year I set a production bike record at 164.5mph. After Elvington’s success the week before, I was feeling confident, so not wanting to waste any runs, I nailed it and ended up setting a new 1 mile record on the Zx14 (PP-1650) at 173.4mph on the very first attempt! After lunch, the course was lengthened to 1.5 mile.

Again on the very first attempt I set a new British record at 184mph, (pp-1650) with the engine bashing against the rev limiter and the bike literally dancing across the sand!

Is it possible to create history and achieve 200mph on sand? – I’m not sure, but it’s sure worth trying. This sand racing is very addictive. See you all next year

pendine1-zef1 pendine-zef3 pendine-zef2 copy

World Top Speed Event – MAY Elvington 2016

NEW World Record Attempt… this weekend… After months of work on the MADMAX turbine bike, we are ready for serious top speed action this weekend at Elvington Airfield (14-15th May 2016) – in Yorkshire for the Straightliners Top Speed event.

The UK’s best of the best, most brave (male and female!) and most powerful bespoke motorbikes in the world (aspirated, turbo, nitrous and turbine!) will be present competing for outright top speeds over the mile under full ACU and UKTA rules.

MADMAX Race team have will be racing the MADMAX turbine bike with a modified fairing for the first time, with a new Rolls Royce Turbine and some other tech stuff, we’ve installed. With over 550hp and a far more aerodynamic shape (fairing), the physics and theory suggest a far higher top speed. Hopefully the turbine, cross winds, weather, etc.. will all come together to make this very important May event our best ever for the crazy top speeds I know all you want to see.

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