MADMAX Race Team is most known for its dedication to racing and building TURBINE powered motorbikes for extreme speed. MADMAX racing holds numerous Guinness, World, British and Local records – allowing us to take that expertise into other automotive areas.

We are now considered experts in bespoke high powered, impressive handling 2 stroke race quads, which have a reputation of taking every Quad hill climb record the race quads enter with our very own ‘MAD’ MADMAX Race team founder Zef ‘MAX’ Eisenberg riding it.


The EISENBERG V8 bike has become our most exciting project over the last few years, which is recognised as the lightest, smallest and most powerful V8 bike ever produced. Considerable R&D and development work is taking place to bring this to production in the next year or so., whilst it continues to be tested in land speed and race events.

MADMAX racing is part of the Maxicorp (Autosport) group, dedicated to niche, high end motorsports engineering focusing on one off projects or small production runs. We are proud to be surrounded by a team of experienced tool makers, electrical and mechanical engineers, with the ability to access the finest brains in high end electronics and aerospace – all in the little island of Guernsey, 90 miles of the south coast of the United kingdom.

Rolls Royce Trained: We have in house team of Rolls Royce service centre trained experts that specialise in the Rolls Royce Allison 250 series turbines, BMW/RR 312 and RR Gem for land based Turbine powered applications. We take pride in only using OEM parts and following OEM service procedures to ensure optimum safety.

Sponsorship opportunities: Land speed racing (LSR) offers unique sponsorship opportunities for those brands that want maximum ‘high octane’ exposure to the thrills and excitement of the world’s fastest vehicles. Our turbine and V8 powered vehicles are unique and unlike anything you have ever seen or heard before. We are able to offer extensive PR and marketing opportunities for those brands that want to be partners in this exciting arena.

Engineering Excellence: The team led by Zef Eisenberg has worked with extreme vehicles for a collective 50 years for the sheer enjoyment, PR and pleasure they create. We have a simple philosophy across all our endeavours and that is, if we cannot do it in-house, we combine our expertise with experts in their respective fields to deliver award-winning results, world class products, excellent branding potential, amazement and memories that people will talk about for years to come.

James Larbalestier and Miguel Pereira
James Larbalestier (Head Engineer) Miguel Pereira (Mechanic & head of Safety)

Legal: MADMAX is a long standing and fully registered trademark in all relevant categories, owned by parent company Maxicorp Ltd (Classes: 32, 9 , 14 , 16 , 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 38, 39, 41). Our mark is not to be confused with the Mad Max film, owned by Warner Bros. (Classes: 9 & 41)