• World’s Fastest Turbine bike 234mph – 1 mile
  • World’s Fastest Streetfighter – 231.5mph – 1 mile
  • World’s Fastest Naked Turbine bike – 234mph – 1 mile
  • Britain’s Fastest Naked bike – 225.75mph – 1 mile (2 way avg.)
  • Guinness Records – World’s Fastest Turbine bike – 225.75mph
  • Fastest production bike (PP-1650) on sand 184mph – 1.5 mile
  • Outright Guernsey Quad Hill Climb record 34.05 secs

LSR, Straightliners Top Speed Record – MADMAX Turbine Bike

TAF Trophy 2015 for best new record (Quad)

TAF trophy for best record breaking time over a previous long held record
Hill Climb Champion No.1 – All out Quad
Stewart Priaulx trophy for most impressive rider

MADMAX Turbine bike sets new all out ‘naked’ (no fairing) official 2 way British Land speed record over 1 mile (standing start)

Confirmed and certified under ACU, LSR and UKTA conditions – MADMAX Turbine bike is the most powerful and fastest Turbine bike ever made. NEW Guinness WORLD record – 2015

ZX14 and sets new World record over 1 mile at Pendine Sands on road tyres!

Confirmation of 200mph official club member

MADMAX Turbine Bike – New British and World Records – ACU, two way avg. – 2015

Stewart Priaulx Trophy for most impressive rider (Quad)

Rolls Royce 250 Turbine C20B specialist training

MADMAX Turbine bike sets new world record over 1 mile (standing start) – 2014

ZX14 Sand Racer – Pendine Sands

MADMAX Turbine bike – Pendine Sands

No.1 Hill Climb award and most risky riding! (Quad)

Guernsey No.1 Hill Climb (Quad) 2013 and WoodBridge 2013 Turbine bike top speed.


Zef Eisenberg enters the British Speed Record Club with the MADMAX Turbine bike – 2014

No.1 Turbine bike and Top Speed 2012 – Elvington, Straightliners ACU

No.1 Top Speed Turbine bike – Elvington 2011