MADMAX doesn’t just build the most extreme land racing motorbikes and crazy vehicles, we also take pride in our community and sharing the passion and excitement of engineering and solving problems. Having a passion and a focus in life is a superb way to channel ones energy, creativity and key to enjoying live and being positive. Here are just a few areas, we’ve really enjoyed getting involved in:

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Autism 365: In May 2015, it was decided that if Zef was going to risk life and limb for a World land speed record, it made sense to do it for a good cause. The charity chosen was Autism 365, which is a Guernsey based charity, that works with the UK Autistic society, helping kids and adults with all levels of Autism from low end Autism to those with high performing Aspergers. The idea clicked as the ‘365’ directly converted from 365km into 228mph, giving us a good target to aim for, as a new world record, from our previous record of 224.9mph in August 2014. That speed was smashed when Zef reached a new one way top speed of 231.5mph for an upright bike (street-fighter) and 233.6mph for outright turbine bike top speed, and official 225.6mph ACU 2 way 1 mile British outright naked bike record.

Guernsey Skatepark

For over 20 years, Guernsey has been looking to create a dedicated skatepark for Skateboarders, BMXers and Scooter riders. When Zef was approached in 2011 to help organise and fund raise this community project, he immediately saw the potential of the idea.

Having been a skater in his youth, Zef was keen to provide the same benefits in Guernsey, in terms of fitness, being outdoors and creating new friends of a like minded nature, whilst giving Guernsey a unique tourist attraction for families. Extensive design work was done with the leading skatepark designers Gravity to create a park that would last for over 20 years and offer beginners and advanced alike world class facilties.

Maxicorp along with a group of other island businesses clubbed together and with extensive hard work via the Guernsey Extreme Sports Association (GXSA), the result was a £300k hand made concrete skatepark, built by UK skatepark experts Wold and opened by the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey in May 2013.

The Guernsey skatepark is the largest concrete skatepark built in the British Isles within the last 10 years.

Guernsey's Strongest Man and Woman

With 2015 being a superb and well supported success - Guernsey’s Strongest 2016 will seek the best and strongest men and women of Guernsey pit their wits, endurance and strength against each other in a variety of challenges to see who picks up the 'strongest' crown.

Mad Max Race team will again be the main sponsors and co-organisers.

There will be three weight categories for men and women and a number of events so it’s not just about the ‘heavyweights’.

Sample image - to be supplied by Maxicorp
Sample image - to be supplied by Maxicorp
Sand Ace

Sand Racing has been held in Guernsey since before World War 2 and has been organised by the Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club throughout its history. Solo motorcycles and spectacular 1000cc sidecars compete on the large and smooth sandy Vazon Beach.

The Solo's are all Single Cylinder 500cc 4 stroke powered machines that run on pure Methanol, they have a 2 speed gearbox NO brakes and are very light, acceleration is phenomenal with a 0-60mph time of 3.4s.

The Sidecars are just as specialised, most have 1000cc Superbike engines with the fuel injection and electronics removed and replaced with large carburettors again running on pure Methanol, although there a few 1000cc V-Twin powered machines.

Sand Racing is always fast and spectacular, riders race in very close proximity to each other at very high speeds so a great deal of skill is involved, fortunately accidents are rare but with high speeds involved they are an accepted risk of the sport.

MADMAX Race team is very happy to sponsor and support such a superb well attended event.

MADMAX Volley Ball

Guernsey Volley Ball has a young dynamic team that give their very best. MADMAX Race team were happy to support them throughout the season.