NEW Turbine Bike World Record – 234mph

Having arrived at the event Friday to set up and get organised, the weather forecast for Saturday was looking unattractive – dry, but strong cross winds straight across the track with gusts of up to 20mph makes land speed racing very dangerous, especially with fairings, that act like a sail and can blow you straight off the track before you can even react. I did several runs, with top speeds around 220mph, but it felt very dangerous, with the bike crossing the finish line at 19 degree of lean! My support team were excellent, with Miguel checking every part of the bike after every run, ensuring safety was top priority and James checking the data to notice any trends.
Sunday morning was looking much better, the cross winds had changed direction to light to breezy head winds. Not ideal, but far safer. First run was a gentle 223mph, followed by each run, increasing the speed, until 3 runs in we achieved a new Turbine bike world record of 234mph in a head wind of around 10mph. This was done in a mile from a standing start. A new British flying 1/8th mile record was also set at 220mph.
Zef Eisenberg “It was a tiring weekend, with every few mph gained being a combination of checking data, suspension settings, ballast and fuel settings. I always forget how hard setting new records is, until the race event. My race team Miguel and James were amazing and I could not have done it without them. The record is a win for all three of us, who have put years of effort and hard work into getting the MADMAX Turbine bike to the crazy top speeds safely.”
MADMAX Turbine bike information:
470-480hp continuous horsepower with water/meth boost allowing 563hp
Powered by a Rolls Royce C20W shaft turbine from the Augusta 109a helicopter.
Multi fuel: Jet-A, kerosene, Petrol/Diesel combination.
Fully Road legal.
Bespoke Built in the little island of Guernsey.


Pendine Sands – Top speed event – May 2016

Pendine Sand British Records -May 16

The MADMAX race team had a superb day racing at the iconic Pendine Sands in Wales with our ZX14 (Sunday 22nd May). The rain cleared from Saturday giving us perfect blue sky and sun. The waves did everyone proud, cleaning up the debris from Saturday and creating the most amazing stretch of perfect sand for about 2.5 + miles! This allowed the amazing Straightliners crew to create a 1 mile and 1.5 mile course with ample braking.

Last year I set a production bike record at 164.5mph. After Elvington’s success the week before, I was feeling confident, so not wanting to waste any runs, I nailed it and ended up setting a new 1 mile record on the Zx14 (PP-1650) at 173.4mph on the very first attempt! After lunch, the course was lengthened to 1.5 mile.

Again on the very first attempt I set a new British record at 184mph, (pp-1650) with the engine bashing against the rev limiter and the bike literally dancing across the sand!

Is it possible to create history and achieve 200mph on sand? – I’m not sure, but it’s sure worth trying. This sand racing is very addictive. See you all next year

pendine1-zef1 pendine-zef3 pendine-zef2 copy

World Top Speed Event – MAY Elvington 2016

NEW World Record Attempt… this weekend… After months of work on the MADMAX turbine bike, we are ready for serious top speed action this weekend at Elvington Airfield (14-15th May 2016) – in Yorkshire for the Straightliners Top Speed event.

The UK’s best of the best, most brave (male and female!) and most powerful bespoke motorbikes in the world (aspirated, turbo, nitrous and turbine!) will be present competing for outright top speeds over the mile under full ACU and UKTA rules.

MADMAX Race team have will be racing the MADMAX turbine bike with a modified fairing for the first time, with a new Rolls Royce Turbine and some other tech stuff, we’ve installed. With over 550hp and a far more aerodynamic shape (fairing), the physics and theory suggest a far higher top speed. Hopefully the turbine, cross winds, weather, etc.. will all come together to make this very important May event our best ever for the crazy top speeds I know all you want to see.

2015-09-13 11.45.48 copy

Autism 365 (228mph) Challenge

Background… Imagine a road legal motorbike...powered by a Jet turbine with over 500 horsepower, traveling at over 330 feet per second... that is the distance I will be travelling along the ground at 225mph. That's quarter of a mile every 4 seconds!

Guernsey's most successful land speed racing team 'MADMAX race team' has built the world's most powerful road legal motorbike here in Guernsey, using local expertise and skills. The bike features a specially modified Rolls Royce 250-C20B turbine from an Augusta 109A, 6 seat luxury helicopter.

turbine bike 1.jpg

The bike has already achieved the British land speed record in 2014 at 214mph in 1 mile from a standing start. In August 2014, it raised the top speed again to 224.9mph using a 'naked bike', meaning no aerodynamic aid, fairing or ability to shelter from the wind; thus achieving the World Land speed record for turbine powered motorbikes.

What does that feel like? At 190mph, the extreme air resistance is literally trying to rip the helmet off my head, to such an extent, I have to strap my helmet to a climbing harness simply to keep the helmet in place. At 220mph, the vertebrae and discs in my neck are under so much pressure from the wind resistance on my helmet (over 80kg), that the pain in my neck becomes excruciating. Every ounce of my strength is required to hold on to the handlebars for the 10 second duration of full power.

If that wasn't enough stress, now I need to stop before I hit the end of the runway! For every second I procrastinate after crossing the finish line, I lose over 300ft of distance. That leaves me with 2,200ft left to go from over 225mph! One then has to factor in all the other risks. Can my rear tyre maintain grip with the massive torque created by the turbine (1200 pounds of torque at the rear tyre), without the tyre spinning up and destroying itself?. Can I fight the cross winds, which at just 10mph, can be exponentially powerful at 200mph plus? Can I even hold on long enough? This is precisely why I've been in the gym weight training since Aug 2014; to increase grip, upper body and neck strength to cope with the extreme forces at such high speeds.

If you've got this far, you're probably asking, 'why would anyone want to do something so dangerous?' Firstly, we have built the most amazing technologically advanced motorbike here in Guernsey, one which has captured the hearts and minds of young and old alike, and ignited a passion for engineering, whilst demonstrating to the world how Guernsey consistently raises the bar.

Secondly and most importantly, Aspergers (an Autism Spectrum condition) exists in my family. ASD kids are unique, often brilliantly intelligent, but simply view and experience the world in a different way. Many of the greatest minds in history and contemporary business alike are on the spectrum, and I believe this should be celebrated. My Land Speed Record 'Autism 365kmh' is my way of raising awareness for this important cause. Some of you may have figured out that 365kmh converts to 228mph, which if I can exceed, such a speed, will be a NEW WORLD land speed record for turbine bike powered motorbikes. The bike will wear the 'Autism 365' logo and fly the Guernsey flag with pride, to ensure maximum awareness.

I am risking my life to bring a new world record back to Guernsey, in aid of what I feel is an incredibly valuable charity and service. In light of this, please dig deep and give generously and you'll be rewarded with everything my team and I have in our box of tricks, to deliver a new world record in association with Autism 365!

Where & When? The World Land Speed Record for Turbine powered motorbikes attempt will take place on May 16-17th 2015 in Yorkshire at Elvington Airfield (the 1.9mile long WW2 runway 26) and will be fully accredited by the ACU, UKTA and British Speed Record Club.


After raising the speed of the motorbike from 224.9mph last August to 225.6mph on the first run of the day, the speeds started to get hard, real hard with strong cross wind gusts, and every 1mph increase feeling near impossible, due to the intense wind resistance at that speed with no fairing at all. The physical pain in holding on, was intense with the 'upright bars' and arms out position acting like a parachute. By the end of the day, the 228mph top speed goal had still alluded us. By 5pm, it was time for food and thought.

The team spent the whole evening looking at the motorbike datalogger to see where we could make improvements. We worked out we needed another 100hp to gain just another 6-7mph, as the drag on the bike is about 0.9 Cd which is about 3 times that of a sports fairing bike like a Suzuki Hayabusa, which has a drag of around 0.35 Cd. We decided we would go all out and increase the fuel flow on the turbine to maximum and increase the water-methanol cooling to max flow also. The safety parameters were raised to the limit (auto-cut out on the turbine) to ensure we had maximum power, with safety still.

Sunday started with strong winds and slight rain, but we were not perturbed, as the bike was now set up perfectly for the conditions. The speeds started to climb frustratingly slowly. I explained to the team, that we cannot go back to Guernsey without a top speed of 228mph +, as that is what I have set the challenge for with Autism 365 and promised all the generous people that have sponsored me. So we decided it's going to be an all or nothing next run... I literally held on with every ounce of strength and held that throttle on full, to push out an amazing new top speed of 231.5mph with an upright Streetfighter bike, with no fairing and MX style bars!

I can't tell you how relieved we all felt. We now felt confident. The bike was handling superb, like a turbine powered bullet train. The data logger and torque sensors were showing levels around 480lbft at the turbine, regular spikes of 1100lbft at the rear tyre and 542hp, which interestingly is over 100hp more than last August's Top speed event, where we set a top speed of 224.9mph. The laws of physics needing eight times the horsepower for double the speed was never more true.

Everything started to fall into line, and by the end of Sunday, we walked away with:

World's Fastest 'Streefighter' @ 231.5mph (one way)
World's fastest Turbine bike (official ACU 2 way average 1 mile - 225.759mph)
Britain's fastest 'naked' bike (no fairing or aerodynamic aid at all - open bike) - official ACU 2 way average 1 mile - 225.759mph)

We then decided to change the 'upright' bars to 'clips on' to get ones self out of the wind more. This allowed me to achieve a best ever (world) one way top speed for a Turbine bike @ 233.7mph.

In the process also setting a new World Turbine bike record for flying 1/4 mile of 3.910 seconds!

and this is all with a road legal motorbike (lights, indicators, reg plate, etc..) that consumes regular pump Diesel and uses road legal tyres, no slicks or tyre warmers are used!

You can watch the video of the actual land speed record here:

World Helitech Show – Amsterdam

The naked MADMAX Turbine bike was  invited to be centre stage of the H+S Rolls Royce Stand at the World Helitech show in Amsterdam. The MADMAX team will be present to talk about the bike, the science behind it, safety and the unique work we have done to enable it to become the worlds fastest turbine powered and upright streetfighter motorbike ever, reaching a speed of224.9mph (2014) in a standing measured mile under official UKTA timing and ACU guidelines. I rode is most of the way back from Amsterdam, as the bike is road legal !



2014-10-14 16.34.18


GFOS 2013

World Launch of Turbine Streetfighter bike at Goodwood festival of Speed 2013

After 24 months of hard work and regular 18 hour days, we are proud to announce the launch of the MADMAX Turbine ‘Streetfighter’ motorbike at the 20th Anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed. The bike is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison C20B shaft (jet) turbine, producing 450bhp, and weighs just 240kg, thanks to a combination of titanium, alloy and carbon kevlar parts. Speeds in excess of 220mph in 1 mile and acceleration of 1.5g will be possible from just a two speed semi-auto box.

The turbine is the same one that powers an Augusta 109a six seat luxury helicopter. Due to the design of the C20b turbine, the turbine is not thrust and produces no flames at all. The turbine actually powers the rear wheel via a sprocket, making it a safe and the possibly the world’s most unique riding experience, with a sound that is unique by quieter than most performance motorbikes.

zef goodwood 2013 4 H

The bikes have been modified to run on regular pump diesel, no race or jet fuel is required. Subject to availability there is also the option to run it on 100% biofuel (recycled vegetable oil), making it very environmentally friendly. New bikes will be for sale at a price of £175,000 + depending on options, at strictly limited numbers. Any customers will have to be approved for suitability and riding experience.

All the development for this bike has been done locally in Guernsey, using a collection of specialists across the island. All the specialist CNC metal work, carbon/Kevlar fairings and turbine problem solving have been designed and manufactured in Guernsey.

The original MTT Turbine bike was launched in 1998 and soon became an iconic, cult bike, due to it using a jet turbine from a Bell 206 Helicopter. In 2009, Zef Eisenberg had a meeting with MTT in the USA where it was agreed that the R&D, design and development of the new generation of Turbine bikes will be in Guernsey. Over the last few years a considerable amount of testing has been done to take the bikes to the next level of engineering excellence, culminating with the British Land Speed record for Turbine powered bikes in 2012 by Zef Eisenberg, demonstrating that these bikes are not just for show, but actually work.

This latest bike will be sponsored by extreme sports clothing brand MADMAX Race Team, and Tag Heuer to launch their new Mikrotimer 1000 – the worlds most accurate chronograph. Lord March, owner of Goodwood invited Zef Eisenberg to attend and ride the famous Goodwood hill climb 2013 on the new streetfighter bike along with the British Land Speed record bike.

Zef Eisenberg; “We were very honoured to be invited to attend the 20th Anniversary of the GFOS to showcase our latest bikes. I am very pleased that we can produce such amazing work in Guernsey using local expertise. Many people are unaware of the capabilities of the local engineering excellence and we hope these incredible bikes demonstrate to outsiders that Guernsey can compete with the best of them. All the people and my race team have been incredible, pulling out all the stops to get the bike finished and looking fantastic in time for Goodwood on the 12,13,14th July.

Editors note:

Maxicorp Ltd (Autosport) is a specialist division focusing on design and engineering for special vehicle projects, cars and bikes. Tag Heuer is a trademark of LVMH. MADMAX is a trademark of Maxicorp Ltd across all classes. Zef Eisenberg was the founder of Maximuscle Ltd, owner of Maxicorp Autosports and MADMAX, the motorsports clothing brand.