MADMAX Race Quads


Many of you will know of team MADMAX’s antics on the Guernsey hill climb and twisty sprint, with our specially prepared bigbore Yamaha-450 race quad.  We upped the anti near the end of 2014, with a special 600cc R6 powered Raptor for the North Beach Twisty sprint. For 2015 we have decided to take all we’ve learnt and build a one of special project Quad for the start of the new hill climb.

This crazy MADMAX race quad is powered by a 600cc Rotax 2-Stroke, giving out 125hp. It uses a snow mobile drag race CVT, giving instant power all the way to 120mph with no gearbox. You have never seen anything shift off the line so fast. It’s like a sling-shot. Everything is designed bespoke from the ground up, the frame, suspension, anti-roll geometry and more. It handles fantastically. Since it’s been on the hill from April 2015, its smashed every Quad record by seconds, holding the current all out record for quads at 34.05 secs and smashing the Petit Bot hill climb record by 5 secs on its first attempt.

We are now able to offer Quad consultancy to anyone in the channel islands, as we have an ever growing list of trick parts, that we know work well and those that don’t.