The Turbine Car


The world was an amazing place many years ago – in the 1950’s and 60’s the idea of using turbine engines in cars was gaining traction, with major names, such as; Rover, Fiat, and Chrysler all producing road legal concepts, creating awe and excitement wherever they want. They were considered the Supercars of the era, smooth, easy to drive, reliable, but expensive and exotic. The 1970’s fuel crisis, shifted the focus to smaller fuel-efficient piston engines, with the turbine automotive departments all being shut down and disbanded, with the valuable turbine knowledge being lost and forgotten.

Jumping forward in time to 2015, Maxicorp Autosport is in the process of producing the first road legal turbine car for over 60 years using the high powered, robust and very reliable Rolls Royce Turbine we have used in the World record turbine bikes, along with all the safety, sensor and ECU technology we have learnt from the Turbine land speed race bikes. Expect to see the first concept sometime in 2016.