Just a selection of the wonderful partners and sponsors we work with on some of the special projects we do.

Tag Heuer

Our Amazing Sponsor for the last few years on the MADMAX Turbine bike. Makers of the unique limited edition ‘TAG Turbina Carbon’ limited edition watch to celebrate the Turbine Bike World Record.   TAG Heuer watches


Partners in specialist engineering calculations, stress testing and unique sensor/measurement solutions.

HS Aviation

Suppliers of the highest quality RR Turbine related OEM parts, world class specialist repair work and assistance on Rolls Royce 250 series turbines. Where the MADMAX team did their specialist 250 Turbine training. Highly recommended for all RR 250 OEM servicing, maintenance and problem solving.

KA Sensors

Possibly the best suppliers of world class sensors for our Land Speed racing endeavours. We only use KA sensors on our World record beating setting bikes to give us the accurate data we need.

Rolls Royce

Possibly the best, most amazing Turbines we’ve ever come across and used. Without the amazing RR Turbines, we could not achieve the world class records we do.

Blackstone TEK

By far the world’s best, lightest and strongest Carbon Fibre wheels, as used on all our World Record Bikes. Able to cope with the extreme torque and speeds of the MADMAX Turbine bike.

Partners in online media and web experience – donkeylogic.com


Suppliers of our Land speed Racing Tyres on the MADMAX Turbine bikes.

Local Guernsey provider of CNC and Waterjet parts. Always willing and able to help us out on tight deadlines. Well recommended.



Supplier of the most amazing ECU Engine control and data logger products, which MM is a Distributor of also. The MADMAX Race bikes only use MOTEC ECU’s, screens and products for total reliability and flexibility.